Sally Hansen & SinfulColors

I just came across this old pic on my Google+ page. These were Gifted to me awhile back. I like the Sally Hansen they are great Glitter Toppers & They Even look good on naked nails. The SinfulColors Polish is from a St.pattys day Collection Shamrockin.  Heart Stickers are from Vday Collec They are called  Pick up Lines.I had wanted them so bad & couldn’t find them anywhere so she picked me up a pack. I was also on the hunt for the Shamrockin so it was a nice surprise to get the extra Goodies she sent.

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This is new to me so I was really surprised to see it at Dollar General Recently. Broadway Gel Stong is part of kiss products so I was hoping it would work pretty good. I do like this brand in the Gel Strongs,but I don’t to much like the Original  $1Broadways. Go Check out my Vid to See more & a couple other new to me colors i picked up for $2 each. I also do a lil test w/the Peel-Off Basecoat. 

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Nail Trainer Hand frm AliExpress (watch on YouTube)

I had been wanting to get a Nail Trainer Hand for awhile now but they were just to expensive. I like doing my own Acrylic Nails & have been for a few years now but I take to long to finish a full set.Applying the Acrylic about 15mins but everything else is time consuming especially if I’m doing a nail design after. So I wanted to get one to practice that& Nail art. 

Recently i checked a few online sites looking for the lowest priced hand I could find & I couldn’t find anything under $70. Some were even over $200! I didn’t think AliExpress Sold them but before I checked out on Amazon I went to take a look & sure enough I found a few!Yay $20 right up my pockets Alley Lol! It’s Perfect just what I needed=) 

I have more details on my channel &More NailMail that i got from a site called Enailcouture Everything they sell is Pink!My fav color. They have Gel&Acrylic Products 

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Inspiration Nail pg

Nail MeMes!!!💭

I Can Relate TO All of these. That 1st For sure! I hate when you get that unexpected burn on a spot around your Cutes that you had no idea was peeling & gonna burn like Hell!!!Lol!

Who’s Not Always On the Look Out For THE “NailMaN” with Our Precious NailMail📪

Who Would Go Down With the “IT” Clown??? Come On We All Love Polish Down Here!haha🤖

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Walk Down the Polish Aisle w/ME!!

At Walmart!

I was in search of Color Club which is supposed to be In Walmart Stores Now But mine didn’t have any in yet of course. Everything seems to arrive late here in my part of Michigan=(  So i decided to look around for some other polishes. I came across alot of fun Nail Stuff that I didn’t even know was in stores cus alot of stuff I seen I’ve only seen online. 

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