Rotating Cosmetic Stand

I ordered this makeup carousel for 5bucks off Amazon on sale. The regular price was $20 so I jumped on the price!

It fits alot more then i thought it would and it’s bigger than I expected. It spins smooth and was really easy to assemble. It even has storage on the top so there is plenty of space for all my little knick knacks.

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NEW Wet n Wild Makeup

I came across a New Display of Wet n Wild makeup and facial products in CVS. I took a quick vid of it and of some new affordable face masks. I’m definitely going to go back and pick up the WnW glitter mask! It has stars in it and came in pink and black. They also had foaming facial balls that I want to try as well. Once I get it I will do a test and review on my youtube. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel and follow my blog 🙂

Radiance Spin Care 4in1 Brush

I luv the many uses of this tool. It has 4 different heads that can be used for the Body,Face and Feet. Its gentle on the skin and great for exfoliating facials. Its also waterproof. I mostly use mine in the shower with the body brush and the facial attachments. It does only have 1speed but still gets the job done.

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Testing Polish Holder Ring frm Family Dollar

I came across this nail polish holder at Family Dollar recently. I was so surprised to see it there because I usually only see them online. I have spotted 1 made by Pueen at Wal-Mart for around $8 give or take. So I decided to pick 1 up since it was just 2bucks and put it the test.

Now I Luv my Tweexy polish ring which is my fav and plus its the original holder. I have about 2or3 of them. I use it almost everytime I polish nails. It helps me keep my hand steady and helps me to polish a lil neater. It holds all bottles well,it’s very sturdy and you can take it/use it anywhere.

Watch the vid to see how the So•Mine Nail Polish Holder worked out VS The Tweexy.

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TARGET has some of the cutest and affordable BATH BOMBS! The ones I have been wanting to try is called DA BOMB FIZZERS. They are handmade by 2 teenage girl sisters right here in the U.S. Each of their Bath Bombs has a surprise in it which I think is a fun idea. I also can across some smaller bombs by Soap&Glory and some that came in packs of 5 or more. I like to use them for bathing but mostly for mani bombs. I just add a lil cuticle oil to my bowl of water and soak my nails in it!

Polishing My Nails w/ SMITH&CULT and Why are Smith&Cult Lids all banged up!?

Smith & Cult polish is vegan,gluten free and 8 free! It has such a nice smooth shiny formula. It looks like I already applied a topcoat after polishing and I love when polish has that look. Yes I still use a topcoat,mostly a fast dry but you can get away without. When I first received my smith & cult I thought it had gotten banged up during shipping. I contacted them and they said the tops are made that way. Having them kinda banged up does actually help with holding it and polishing.

Dollar Tree and Walgreens Haul

Dollar Tree had some nice name brand products in this particular week I went. I always search for new stuff they get in. Not all DT stores has the same things but if you visit a couple different stores you will come across some goodies at at least 1 of them. Walgreens had a really good sale on laundry detergent. I always look for this sale due to I have 4 kids that seem to have never ending dirty clothes! The Arm&Hammer Body& Hair wash i found at dollar tree comes in handy with the kids to. So far it does the job. I picked up a couple more. Next I’ll be testing the bath bombs but using small pieces for mani bombs!

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Georgie The Caterpillar

My 9 year old son found a cute fuzzy caterpillar outside on out porch. He named it George/Georgie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yellow furry one like this before,it’s kinda cute. He stayed In thay box along time even after climbing out he got back in. After a few hours though he end up crawling down the chair and made his way back to freedom. Elijah,my son didn’t want to let Georgie go but I told him he would be much more comfortable outdoors and that we don’t want to kill him by keeping him in the house. Before it crawled away my son said I’ll miss you georgie but I understand you need to be free 🙂


I Used nail polish that’s 5 years old!

Yea I thought my nails were gonna fall off because it was so old Lol. The formula was actually still in good condition and looked Nice&Shiny when u was done. Now I have 2-3 boxes of old polish I have to go through to see what good and what has to be tossed.

Rimmel London Salon Pro “PURPLE RAIN

Covergirl XL Nail Gel “BUXOM BLUE”