New Indie Polish By LazellcĀ 

I came across an Indie Polish Company “Lazellc” on Instagram that’s made right in my home state of Michigan in the City of Detroit.So I was super excited to find out all the products they had to offer&of course try their polish&show my support! #MadeinDetroit

They were sweet enough to send me a Sample of 1 called “METRO PARKWAY”  The Color is like a Blueish/Silver w/Hints of beautiful Shimmer.The Polish Looks Gorgeous in the sun IRL(My cam didn’t catch all the shimmery colors in it that well) Their Polishes are Super Affordable starting at $3.50 or 2 for  $6!I mean that’s a deal compared some indies you find for $15 & we all can’t afford those!! So be sure to give them a follow if your on IG.I’ll post link at the end of this paragraph.Also Check out their products & the rest of their polish collections. They even have cuticle oils!

I will be posting an update on the formula once I swatch it on nails but so far I know I’ll definitely be placing an order ASAP!

Thanks for reading!

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