FormulaX System Xcel& 5Finger Delete All

I received this Box Complimentary from Influenster to try&review which I was really excited about receiving. 

The FormulaX System Xcel Is a 4 Step Process.It comes with a Cleanse,Prime&Shine,along with a featured FormulaX Color “TGIF”.It’s a pretty pinkish coral like color that needs about 2coats.The 1st coat came out a bit streaky,2nd coat helped smooth it out. The Gloss is the 4th Step & It does add a nice shine to the polish. I applied the System Xcel to My Acrylic Nails.Its Supposed yo last for 10days of wear. I removed It on about day5 because i change my polish frequently.I didnt have any Polish Chipping&It Didn’t turn dull.Also Polish does tend to last longer on Acrylic Nails than on Natural Nails So different results may occur. 

The 5 Finger Delete All is a Acetone Polish Remover and its Ahmazing!! It claims to work within Seconds & it actually does just that. I had 2coats of Glitter on for accent nails& 2coats of a shimmery cream polish on the others.It removed the Polish&Glitter from all 5 of my nails at the same time in about 12seconds,With No mess.I had a tiny bit of Glitter left on 1 thumb nail but that only took 1 more quick dip to remove. The Holes that your fingers go into is a Sponge so they fit comfortably. This Polish Remover is for sure a Game Changer.Compared to the time it takes to remove Glitter& the mess it makes using regular remover,This is definitely a product I would recommend and one I’d keep using.

The FormulaX System Xcel and 5Finger Delete All Can be found on 


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