Pedi-Spacers👣By Dip Into Pretty 

👣This month when you Purchase the “DOTS OF PERFECTION”💎 #PediSpacers Set from #dipintopretty  They will Donate 30% of Sales made to #DrSusanLoveResearchFoundation for #BreastCancerAwareness Month 🎀 

Dip into Pretty Pedi-Spacers are super comfy. I like that They are all single pieces and made with Silicone. You can move around easier in them,No walking around like a penguin!Lol So much Better than when wearing the foam flimsy toe separators.I haven’t had any smudges while wearing them either.  There are lots of different pretty designs to choose from.They are so unique&cute,a definite must have!!

#SupportTheCause and Order your Dots of Perfection Pink Bling Toe Separators at the link below.
Thanks for Reading!!!

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