New Bona Fide Beauty Glass Files


I recently did a Review on BFB Silver Set File set so be sure to read it. The set pictured is Bonafide Beauty’s New Files so I had to share them with yall.Aren’t they cute!I’m addicted to all things leopard print so I luv that design.

I received 2 Different Sets&Fast.My order was to arrive Nov14  and it arrived 6Days early!!

Pictured is: Cobalt Blue Bow Ergofile,Medium Size Rounded File&Purple Leopard Print Pointed File with Violet Hard Case.They are Fine-Medium Grit&Files Nails To Perfection! The Price Point for these are affordable compared to other glass files.They start around $10– $12.99 which is good because your receiving more than 1 file for that price if purchasing  3-4pc sets. I check Amazon &Some of the BFB  Files sets are on Sale Now Starting at $13.99! So Head over and Check them out before it ends!

All Files with Designs and Plain Colored Files  are etched into to their files which is awesome because the design will always be there&won’t fade off from use or washing.

 All  Bonafide Beauty Files are Lead Free&Made with Czech Republic Glass which makes a really smooth surface. It doesn’t give you that Nails on a Chalkboard feeling like some glass files can.That makes my skin crawl!eek!  The file surface is smooth&Not Rough like sandpaper.Just perfect! I definitely recommend trying Bonafide Beauty Glass files like ASAP!!Visit them online&Go Follow on Instagram at the links below. 

Thanks for reading =) 


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