Daintydigits Polish &BornPretty Prizes

WON!!! DaintyDigits I won on Instagram from a Xmas Contest.10 Mini Polishes&8 Are Scented! I was so happy to win these yall=) Especially Since I didn’t get not 1 Polish for a gift this Xmas.Like Wth everyone assumes I have enough polish but a polishaholic never does right?!So just Buy me all the Polish Lol! I’ll list Names&Scents of the DD polish below under pic. 

BornPretty Had a Giveaway Grab Bag Prize on IG for The first however many ppl that entered.I entered 2 separate giveaways they did in November&Received 2 sets of Prizes. The 1st Set that came was a  Cute Soft&Sticky Space Stamper w/Xmas Tree Silver Holder &2mini scrapers,Xmas Stamp Plate ‘CelebrationBPXL008 &a pack of 10 Plastic Scraper Cards.Both Prizes Arrived super late,like a week ago so I didn’t have a chance to use it before Xmas.There are a cpl designs on the plate I can use for winter nails&the Stamper i cant wait to use,I had it on my BP wishlist when it 1st came out.

These 2 pics are from the 2nd BornPretty Prize. Stamp Plate BPL024.I heard from alot of ppl that it’s a really good plate & 1 of their favs.I also got another pack of 10 Plastic Scraper Cards,A Paris Necklace,4 Midi Rings & a broken Lipstick that’s so not my color.Looks more like a concealer lol but that’s ok it was Free&I Like the plate & can use the Xtra Scrapers.

*Use Promo CodeLUVX31″ for 10% off Any Regular Priced item on http://www.bornprettystore.com 

The Names&Scents of the DDP in order are:          •MY SNOW GLOBE •SNOW TREASURE  in Toasted Marshmallow                                                   •BENEATH THE MISTLETOE •CANDY CANE in Gingerbread Scent                                                          •LETS DECORATE THE TREE in Xmas Tree Scent •PRETTY POINSETTIAS •ORNAMENTAL in Apple Cinnamon Scent •ROCK THE BELLS in Pumpkin Spice. The 2minis at bottom of pic are Unscented •DECEMBER BABY & LIGHTING OF THE TREE. http://www.instagram.com/_daintydigitspolish/ daintydigitspolish.com 


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