Lazellc Indie Polish Update

I totally forgot to post an update after i used my Lazellc Indie Polish & I remembered while I was scrolling through my old Blogs.Its a few blogs down & gives a little more info on laze_llc polish(Its made by a guy to,I thought that was cool because most indies are made by ladies;)Anyhoo!
The Polish is Nice,I had to shake it a bit before i used it&In between using like twice. I Used 1coat&the dry time was quick! The color is called METRO PARKWAY &Kinda looks like a Silverish/Light Blue& has a hint of shimmer to it.On My Accent Nail w/Butterfly Is FingerPaints “Holographic Topcoat” and Vibrant Vinyls for Negative Space Design.

The Polish lasted with no chips for about a week or so and that’s only cus I removed it. Remember I do wear Acrylics & I rarely have problems with my polishes chipping. Also If i wear a color for more than 3days I add another topcoat to it so it won’t look dull but this mani I didn’t add T.C. It stayed fresh looking the whole time. The color looked so pretty which is 1 reason I wore it so long!I really liked how it looked in the sun.Its a plus when you find polish that you can’t stop staring at throughout the day. I’ll for sure be adding a more of them to my collection. Since I’ve tried Lazellc they have added alot of New colors,Nail Treatments &other new products to their line that I hope to try soon also.

Give them a Follow on Instagram at To Order Send them a email or DM.Info is in their bio.If you don’t have IG comment & I will get email address for ya.
Use code:LUVNAILS at for 10% off Any Item


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