How I Polish with my Tweexy!!

I Polish my nails alot and this tool has been the most handiest tool that I reach for. Its called “TWEEXY” A NailPolish Holder Ring.

 Whenever I would post pics of it people would say it looks like it would be in the way, looks like it will tip over&Spill, Doesn’t look comfortable to use or wear& so on. None of that is the case if you use it in a way that is best for you & take your time. So I decided to show how I use my Tweexy and I also show a few different shaped polish bottles that can fit perfectly in the Tweexy. It fits over 1,000 Brands of Polish Bottles/Shapes and is onesize fits all with lots of stretch so it can fingers Big,Small & in-between.  

Subscribe to my YouTube channel & Watch How I Tweexy! I am New To Posting Vids&they are not perfect but im Learning as i go.The lighting is dim in this Vid but i will be posting another Vid or two soon of me using it(in better light;)Since i have 3Tweexys! Click the Bell after you Sub for notifications on new uploads.

 Thanks a Bunch in Advance if you Subscribe&👍 Link below
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