I received all items pictured to Try&Review from HARUNOUTA STORE. I was able to Pick My own items so i chose,LED/UV Mini Gel Lamp, BornPretty Soak-Off Gel Topcoat, Red Nail Art /Acrylic/Gel Brush ,Light Purple Chrome Powder &a bag of Colorfully Mixed Cotton Balls. 

I have to talk about this Red Mini Gel Lamp. It had me so flustered! I used it on a Mani I did for my mom&my mom n law. At the time i only had 1 Gel Polish that I purchased just to test the lamp.I was never really interested in using Gel due to all the steps that has to be done but I am ready to give it a try since I’ve learned a few more things.

 I used GELAZE By China Glaze. I Had to turn the lamp back on after the few seconds it stays on to cure at least 10times.It stays on 15-20secs.Sometimes less,Sometimes longer. The more i had to turn it back on the less time it stayed on. The Gelaze is supposed to cure in about 30seconds-2minutes I think. It took me at least 20mins Or Longer to Get it to Cure!!After that the Polish either disappeared (only way I can explain it)It went frm thick to watery Or it started running down the finger while curing&I had to apply another coat then cure again to make it look decent.

 I’m assuming the lamp wattage isn’t strong enough(there is only 3 lights underneath)The lamp is so small,My phone is bigger than it!It also didnt come w/a U.S Plug that fits in to outlet so i had to use an Extra cell phone wall adapter. I Give This Lamp 2 Thumbs Down.Im so glad I did not purchase it because i was actually going to awhile back thinking it was cute&affordable! 

Pic of my Mom-n-Laws Nails w/ “IT’S SHORE BRIGHT” Gelaze.

I have not used the Chrome Powder yet but will post when I do.Im actually waiting til get anothet lamp. The Cotton Balls were smaller than I expected&not very many in the pack.I only picked it because I liked the colors lol but I need at least 3-4 to take polish off 1nail&3 in my Cotton Claw to clean Stamp Plates.The Brush is a Nail Art Brush but it’s also good for cleanup.I want to say it’s a #6.

Pic Below is my Moms Nails.I added a drop of the BornPretty Topcoat&Stuck the Rhinestones in it.Then went over it w/another coat & cured it 500hours to get them to stay Lol.  Read Below For Discount Codes&Links!Thanks for Reading!

At http://www.harunouta.com Use Code “LUVT300” for 300JPY off!(about $2.50- $2.75 U.S I think…) 

At http://www.bornprettystore.com Use Code “LUVX31” For 10% off any Non-Sale Items. Both Sites Ship WORLDWIDE! 

(Non Nail Related) For Hair Care Styling Tools Check out http://www.duvolle.com &Use Code “LUVNICOLE” For 70% off any saying tools that will include a free Detangler Brush.I will post a blog on the items I have.

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