Nail Trainer Hand frm AliExpress (watch on YouTube)

I had been wanting to get a Nail Trainer Hand for awhile now but they were just to expensive. I like doing my own Acrylic Nails & have been for a few years now but I take to long to finish a full set.Applying the Acrylic about 15mins but everything else is time consuming especially if I’m doing a nail design after. So I wanted to get one to practice that& Nail art. 

Recently i checked a few online sites looking for the lowest priced hand I could find & I couldn’t find anything under $70. Some were even over $200! I didn’t think AliExpress Sold them but before I checked out on Amazon I went to take a look & sure enough I found a few!Yay $20 right up my pockets Alley Lol! It’s Perfect just what I needed=) 

I have more details on my channel &More NailMail that i got from a site called Enailcouture Everything they sell is Pink!My fav color. They have Gel&Acrylic Products 

So go check out my vid. Details on where to order the Nail Trainer Hand Are in the Description Box

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Inspiration Nail pg


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