So I went in the Dollar Tree Just to find my mom. She came out with nothing & I came out with a bunch of stuff!!Lol I even went to a 2nd Dollar Tree  directly after looking for more Kiss Gel Strong Polish! Didn’t find any so I only got the 1 which is a really pretty unique shade called ANTIQUE. I have a few other Kiss Gels that i purchased a couple years ago but every color was at DT (I seen another youtube vids he had about 15 of them!)

I was surprised to see the Dr.MARVEY Top&Basecoat Quick Dry. I had seen the line before at a store called Meijer for about $10 or so. Wish I would have grabbed them all because it works good & has a nice glossy shine.

See all the Goodies i found on my YouTube Channel at LuvNailsNicole &Pls Remember to  Subscribe

I want to have a Giveaway Soon but I’m waiting till the reach a certain number goal of Subbies & Followers on my IG page.


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