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Its Just My everyday REAL Life. I’m new to Vlogging so I have some work to do. Plus im trying to get used to picking up the camera more & not being to shy to vlog in public because that feels so awkward… So pls go Watch &Subscribe! TiA!!!=*)

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Quick Daily Vlog -New YouTube  Channel

This is My New YouTube Vlog Channel “Life With NikkiNicole” Where I show a Little of my “Life Behind The Nails” with the Fam&I.

The Vid is Just a Quick Vlog Of me going to Walgreens looking for the new SinfulColors “Punk Yourself” Transforming Topcoats. I also Spotted Lashes Made By Youtube Vloggers.

Pls Support&Subscribe Im trying to get better at Vlogging Daily. I’m just starting so the vlogs aren’t great as most &My life isn’t that exciting but it’s my everyday Real Life!;)