Watch Me Work!Polishing&Stamping

I’m definitely not a pro at stamping.I don’t do it enough so this is really me getting in some practice. I really like the plate I used & the Bottle Cap Stamper was easier to hold than I thought it would be.It was my 1st time using it&i won it months ago in a Giveaway.The CiCi&SiSi Stamp Roller Really Comes In Handy To.

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Spending the Day with My Daughter

We did a little Shoe Shopping at the Mall.Then out of nowhere we decided to go get piercings. Luckily the place we chose was having a Friday The 13th Special and we Got them For $13!(Regular Prices were $35- $45) My piercing hurt like hell! You can tell from all the squealing I did in the vid Lol!

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