My Favorite Cuticle Oil

Rebecca and Madisen Nail Care Products are my Fav! You can get Any of their nail care items for 10% off using the Discount Code in pic above at

I use their Cuticle Oils & Cuticle Butter everyday. They are made with natural products and sold on etsy. They smell so good & you can actually still smell the scent even minutes after applying it.

It really does help nails grow strong&keeps them Cutes looking good! I just have to get out the habit of using my nails like tools. I break them everytime they grow. I did a test where I used RandMnails For about 2-3 weeks straight. My Nails Grew from super nubs to having a lil bit of length to them. I was happy but I broke them all being too ruff with them. I’m so used to having on acrylic nails so when I wear my natural nails I have to remember they are not hard like my acrylic nails. Give them a try & let me know what you think. I have ever a few vids on my Youtube Channel using their products so check those out to.

Found Sequin Pillows&More Cute Stuff At Dollar General

First of all All Broadway Polish is 10% off! Not much but hey its a discount & you can buy a couple extra:) I was surprised to see all the new cute girly stuff they had in. The store I went is a new store and lately everytime i go in i find something I havnt seen in other stores. For Valentine’s Day they have the cutest sequin pillows for just $8. They also have girly kitchen decor & more. Watch the vid to see,be sure to Subscribe & Thumbs Up the Vid!Ty!!


Pinterest LuvNailsNicole


Lol! I know it sounds silly but at the same time it doesn’t! Especially if you have a Kabillion Nail Polishes like myself it’s hard picking a color sometimes. So I came across something on Pinterest,Not this but it gave me an idea…. Spin the polish bottle and pick your shade of the day!!(say that in a price is right or wheel of fortune voice:) It actually makes picking your shade a bit more fun than stressful. It takes me forever to pick because I always pull out way too many colors. I like to have 2colors at the most 3-4 if stamping or doing nailart so this was needed! I usually put colors down that will match if I land on down and then Spin To Win!

Try it!lol If you do,please let me know so I won’t feel silly for this haha & Thumbs Up the Vid!

Now They Want To Demonetize Small YT Channels!?

Ugh Its so annoying that Youtube is only doing this to small channels. We put in as much work if not more than the Big channels. I’ve had my Nail Channel for a long time and just recently received my Pin for it which is what I needed to get my payments. Now I haven’t reached the threshold yet to payout but I’m halfway there. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore because they taking it away! They are giving til February 20th for us to reach 1,000 subscribers and I think 4,000 watch hours. I have over 550 Subbies on my nail channel so I doubt I’m going to make it to 1k before the deadline. It’s ok because I like doing my vids & my vlogs. It’s just irritating that they aren’t recognizing small youtubers. Watch the vid,let me know in the comments if you have a Channel and what your thoughts are.

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My Fav Flat Irons For 70% Off!!

These DUVOLLE Titanium Hair Straighteners are Ahmazing! I’ve been using them about a year now and they have not let me down. They heat up super quick, curls & gets hair bone straight. They came with a Detangler Brush & Heat Protection Glove that’s perfect for me because I always tend to burn myself. The flat irons also has little rubber tabs you can move for comfort while using so you won’t burn yourself. I show it all & More in the vid.

With my Promo Code you can get Any Styling Tool for 70% OFF!! Awesome Right! If yes,give the vid a thumbs up & remember to Subscribe!