Lol! I know it sounds silly but at the same time it doesn’t! Especially if you have a Kabillion Nail Polishes like myself it’s hard picking a color sometimes. So I came across something on Pinterest,Not this but it gave me an idea…. Spin the polish bottle and pick your shade of the day!!(say that in a price is right or wheel of fortune voice:) It actually makes picking your shade a bit more fun than stressful. It takes me forever to pick because I always pull out way too many colors. I like to have 2colors at the most 3-4 if stamping or doing nailart so this was needed! I usually put colors down that will match if I land on down and then Spin To Win!

Try it!lol If you do,please let me know so I won’t feel silly for this haha & Thumbs Up the Vid!


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