$3 Tumblr & Amazon 57 inch Tripod

I can’t get over the price of this Stainless Steel Tumblr! I was in Family Dollar & found it in the aisle where they have all the As Seen On TV products. $3 is the regular price,not a sale price. My hubby had been bugging me to find him a big coffee cup so this was perfect.Hopefully there is some left so I can grab 1 for myself! It holds Hot&Cold Drinks and You can personalize it! He said so far it has been keeping his coffee hot longer & cold drinks to.

The Tripod vid clip is from my Amazon review. It’s perfect for making videos or if your into photography. It is very lightweight & thats good because it’s not heavy. I just don’t like that it’s so light it feels like I can knock it over easily while my camera is attached to it. So it would be nice if it had somewhere to put a weight like some tripods. I do really like it though&the price was great at about $15. I ordered it under Prime so it arrived in a couple days.

Watch To See More & Subscribe!!Tia


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