Pinch Me Samples Unboxing

Looky What I Got in my PINCHME Box! I can’t wait to use the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish I hope it’s good because I want to purchase a full size. I also use Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner so I’m excited to try this new scent. The Scent it leaves in your hair after washing actually lasts & smells really good. I was hoping my son was going to like the RX Kids Protein Bar but you’ll see his reaction to that at the end of the vid lol

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Vlog- He’s Still Being Bullied

Vlog 231

My youngest son Elijah is being Bullied at school & its taking a toll on him. He’s only 9 and already wants to quit school thanks to the bully. After talking about on this Vlog we went to the school that day & spoke with the principal to set up a meeting. Some people dont realize how Bullying can make a difference in one’s life. It really hurts his feelings &makes me feel so sad for him. Even since the meeting he’s still dealing with it,the boy won’t stop. We are looking into home schooling him soon as possible.

In this Vlog hubby also surprised me with the polish you may have seen in my previous post. I was so happy, that made my day 🙂

Were you Bullied as a kid or an adult? Let me know in the comments

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It will be 14yrs…


This Vlog Is prior to our 14 year anniversary. Wow doesn’t seem that long. Glad we made it! I also share how surprised I am at this LA Colors Holo Glitter I found at Dollar Tree. It’s actually a Holo that isn’t an indie! Indies has me spoiled when it comes to a good holographic polish. Usually when I come across a mainstream polish that says Holo it’s nowhere near it. It doesn’t say holo on the LAcolors but once I put it on its Beautiful! It’s called ICICLES so keep an eye out for it,it’s a must have for just 1 Buck!

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Hubby Surprised Me with POLISH!!!

Ok it’s just a few $3 Bottles of LA COLORS GEL but he usually nags when I buy Polish which is why I was so shocked! He rarely goes into a store by himself and picks me up polish. He did good to. He knows I like pink so he picked all Pinks to be on the safe side lol.

The purple jar is from Dollar General. It was just $2. I thought it would be nice to use for Cotton Balls or Q-Tips and sit it on my Nail Table.