It Snowed!!

Vlog243 – Ugh This Michigan Weather is So Bipolar!Lol It’s Hot 1day,Cold the Next, Snowing,Then Hot again! Since i posted this vid it has snowed about 2-3 times. Not a ton of Snow but more than enough for me. Now it’s just been kind of windy,rainy&really cold. I’m really hoping we’ve seen the last of the snow because the weather man never seems to get it right! I have lived here for awhile now but I have never gotten used to this Snow. It looks pretty and all but I just don’t care for it! I luv the warm sunny weather. Shorts,Tanks,Sandals&Maxi Dresses(not too crazy about swimsuits though haha) I can’t wait for summer. Snow Snow Go Away! My bday is in May so I’m hoping we will have some pretty nice weather around then but the way it’s looking I’m not too sure….

How’s the weather in your parts?! Let me know in the comments here or under this vid on my youtube channel

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