I Was Woke During a Biopsy!

( This Blog contains lady talk so men ya may not want to read this lol Or you may in case your wife/Gf has to go through it;)

This was the worst experience of my life I’m traumatized!!

I have had 4 kids,miscarriages,severe toothaches and more painful crap. Having this Endometrial Biopsy is up there with my top 3 most painful experiences. This is truly something no women should have to endure without ansteshia or good pain meds!

So I had this done because I have severe Anemia due to really,really,heavy painful monthly cycles. I had to have 2-3 Blood Transfusions due to it and I’ve been hospitalized. They wanted to see if anything else was wrong so they did the Endometrial Biopsy,My annual Pap Smear and I also had an IUD inserted. They did all this while I was on my cycle and that made it all suck even more. They tell you you’ll just feel a little cramping like a period. That is a lie! It hurt so bad i went into shock,my body was shaking uncontrollably. I had cold sweats, then I was freezing,then i felt faint. They said it was called Vaso-Vagal. I started shaking once they started the biopsy which was the 2nd procedure and It continued about 20 minutes after They were done. I was so scared and the pain was unbearable.I held 1 of the doctors hand(or should I say broke it) during the biopsy. I was given the IUD Mirena to see if it will help stop my heavy cycles.That was not comfortable either. It goes behind the cervix which causes cramping pain during placement. Research says it works for 9 out 10 women with heavy periods. I also thought it may be a good form of birth control. I’m still unsure about it though because I’ve been bleeding ever since the procedures which was about 16 days ago or so.

The pain was supposed to last 1-2 days after the biopsy&iud but it lasted 15-16 days for me. The pain isnt much so in the vagina but your tummy. The lower part of the belly/uterus area where they were poking around at. I’m still having small off&on pains here and there. Im hoping it’s not from the IUD. It feels like my uterus area is still sore from everything.

They say my body has to get used to Mirena iud&that i may bleed for 6months!I didnt know that or I probably would not have gotten it. I wasn’t told that until the 4th time I spoke with a nurse. Other than that I was only told it should last no more than a couple days.

I’ve Been in forums to read what other ladies went through during their biopsy. Some say the biopsy wasn’t painful but most of the reviews I read said it was. A few even experienced my same symptoms. I didn’t know I was going to get all this done that day. I was going in for a checkup from being put on Estrogen after my last Transfusion. That helps stops heavy cycles. If I had known I was going to have to have the Biopsy done i would have done way more research and been more prepared. I wasnt given anything for pain after. Just told to take motrin. That was no help! I just dealt with the pain,resting mostly. Moving and walking around made it worse.

Not everyone will feel what i felt but if you ever need to have an endometrial biopsy make sure to ask for something to calm you and or for pain before hand. Especially if you cannot tolerate pain. Hope this wasn’t too much TMI. I hope it was helpful,but not too scary either.I held back on what the procedure actually felt like but Since this has happened I’ve been wanting to spread the word on what to look forward to. I feel the doctors know its very uncomfortable but for some reason they dont tell you the truth and they still do it as a in office outpatient procedure without meds.

If you’ve been through this,have or had The Mirena please comment&let me know your experience.

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