Vlog -We finally have A/C!

Life without Air Conditioning Sucks!! I feel bad for people that doesn’t have it and lives where it gets really hot. Our C/A is broke in the house we just moved in so we have lots of fans. My Room is made like a loft and it gets super hot up here. It was so uncomfortably hot I wanted to throw on my bathing suit for PJ’s haha! With me being severly anemic the heat made me feel even more weak than i already was. So we found a window unit air conditioner and thank the Lord it feels so much better up there. The days we didn’t have air was like the hottest days in Michigan so far and it was terrible. The fans were just blowing hot air and was not helping at all. Luckily we have had a break with the heat wave we had and have had a good breeze coming throughout the living room and kitchen windows. Now we just need to get the central air fixed so the rest of the house can be cool. We have a basement and it’s usually pretty cool down there so that’s where the kids hang out the most.

Well hope you enjoy the vlog. Please be sure to follow and subscribe to my channel! Have a Fun Summer!!

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