Perfect Tool for DiY Pedicures!


I picked up a couple of these along with the Amope Nail Care Systems that I think i shared before. I just got around to using it and it works so good! I like doing my own Pedi’s so I’m always looking for tools that aren’t to harsh to file the top of nails with. This is really Perfect lol! It files good(I used it on speed2) and it gives a super nice shine with the #3 File. I also like that they already come with batteries installed. As with the nail system I don’t feel it’s worth the regular price of $20 but i’d pay 10 bucks for the Pedi kit. Luckily the Dollar Store has them and I was able to get back ups!

This is just a quick vid on my thoughts I dare not show my toesies haha! Please remember to Subscribe and Follow! Tia=^)