Dollar Tree and Walgreens Haul

Dollar Tree had some nice name brand products in this particular week I went. I always search for new stuff they get in. Not all DT stores has the same things but if you visit a couple different stores you will come across some goodies at at least 1 of them. Walgreens had a really good sale on laundry detergent. I always look for this sale due to I have 4 kids that seem to have never ending dirty clothes! The Arm&Hammer Body& Hair wash i found at dollar tree comes in handy with the kids to. So far it does the job. I picked up a couple more. Next I’ll be testing the bath bombs but using small pieces for mani bombs!

Hope this haul helps you find some goodies at your local stores! Thanks for stopping by Be sure to give me a Follow and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Tia!