Radiance Spin Care 4in1 Brush

I luv the many uses of this tool. It has 4 different heads that can be used for the Body,Face and Feet. Its gentle on the skin and great for exfoliating facials. Its also waterproof. I mostly use mine in the shower with the body brush and the facial attachments. It does only have 1speed but still gets the job done.

Watch the video to hear my 70% discount code! The code can be used with the Spin Care System or Any Hair Styling Tools.


Testing Polish Holder Ring frm Family Dollar

I came across this nail polish holder at Family Dollar recently. I was so surprised to see it there because I usually only see them online. I have spotted 1 made by Pueen at Wal-Mart for around $8 give or take. So I decided to pick 1 up since it was just 2bucks and put it the test.

Now I Luv my Tweexy polish ring which is my fav and plus its the original holder. I have about 2or3 of them. I use it almost everytime I polish nails. It helps me keep my hand steady and helps me to polish a lil neater. It holds all bottles well,it’s very sturdy and you can take it/use it anywhere.

Watch the vid to see how the So•Mine Nail Polish Holder worked out VS The Tweexy.

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