My Recent RUE 21 Haul

I love getting what they call “RUE Bucks”. I do alot of shopping on so it comes in handy. You get them when you spend $40 & up i think.(It’ll tell you in the FAQ how it works if interested.) I cashed mine in towards this mini haul and got a few for sale items. The velevet Jumper I’ll be wearing in October to a Vegas wedding(not during the hot summer heat lol) Plus I’ll probably find about 5 more outfits by then lol but for now the price was too good to pass up! Hope you enjoy my haul that I taped at a bad angle:/ Sorry about that….

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Vlog&Mini Haul – I Think We Got Our Answer

In this YouTube Vlog I talk about our recent house hunting

Also I share a little haul from Walgreens of Purex Laundry Detergent that was on sale for just $1.49! The detergent actually works good and I like to catch these sales. Having a family of 6 the price helps. We wash alot of clothes. Its also H.E (High Efficiency) I have an HE washer and it works fine it.

Tundra Biome- Working On a School Project

I helped my son with his school project and at the time I had no clue what it was so I learned something in the process lol. I think I had more fun than he did! I love doing stuff like this with the kids. The homework these days is crazy&he’s in 3rd grade.I’d rather do projects!

We used all Dollar Tree materials to make his Tundra Biome & I think it turned out pretty cool. He learned alot about it to and we enjoyed working together. I like the quality time because the older they get the more independent and distance they get. So doing things like this is good bonding time.We plan on doing more diy projects for fun at home.

We also had to make this poster board about it which I forgot to add to the vid. He added some sparkly white sand to the top of the mountains to make it look like snow.

Walk With Me Around Dollar Tree!

I know I know, I’m always in DT haha! In this vid I’m at my fav store. They always have the new good stuff there. I luv going to look around for New Goodies and SHOP!šŸ˜Š It’s exciting when you find name brands for a $1!Well for me it is anyway Being a Mom of 4 isn’t cheap!So I need all the sales I can find LoL! We also are in the process of moving so I figured it’s a good place to pick up lots of cleaning supplies to.

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It Snowed!!

Vlog243 – Ugh This Michigan Weather is So Bipolar!Lol It’s Hot 1day,Cold the Next, Snowing,Then Hot again! Since i posted this vid it has snowed about 2-3 times. Not a ton of Snow but more than enough for me. Now it’s just been kind of windy,rainy&really cold. I’m really hoping we’ve seen the last of the snow because the weather man never seems to get it right! I have lived here for awhile now but I have never gotten used to this Snow. It looks pretty and all but I just don’t care for it! I luv the warm sunny weather. Shorts,Tanks,Sandals&Maxi Dresses(not too crazy about swimsuits though haha) I can’t wait for summer. Snow Snow Go Away! My bday is in May so I’m hoping we will have some pretty nice weather around then but the way it’s looking I’m not too sure….

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Haul! $1Gold Facial Mask, Collagen Moisturizer&More

This is a small haul but i found Found Some inexpensive Facial Care Products at Family Dollar Recently that I wanted to share.Along with a couple other random items. The Facial Products are by Global Beauty. I beleive they are also part of the Spascriptions brand. I have seen GB Face masks at Dollar Tree to. I of course had to share and I will also do an update on how they worked once I try them out. I may even apply the Mask on Camera. I can’t wait to try it I luv facials! If you have tried any of the Facial Products before Let me know in the comment section here or under my vid on Youtube. Also Don’t forget to Subscribe!!Ty!