Watch Me Do My Nails! Polish&Stamping

In this vid I use my Linas Nailart Supplies Stamping Plate,Moyou London&Clear Jelly Red Metal Bottle Cap Stamper. I’m not very good at stamping so I was basically practicing&using some of the items for the 1st time. Stamping looks so much easier I’m having the hardest time getting the hang of it. It’s frustrating but with practice it will be easy to do soon:) I really liked all the products I used. The stamper picked up pretty good&the plate is awesome.

Amope Nail Files At DOLLAR TREE!!

Now I must say this was a good find! These AMOPE PEDI PERFECT & NAIL FILES sale at other stores anywhere from $18-$25. I picked up as many as I could. They are Both Electric Pedi&Nail Files. The Nail File is Pink and even comes with Cuticle Oil! They each have 3 files that you attach&batteries are also already in it. I found them next to the check out aisle at my local Dollar Tree Store. Hope you all can find some too! I will giving 1 away soon. I will have the giveaway listed on my IG,YT&FB(Links to follow me below)

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It will be 14yrs…


This Vlog Is prior to our 14 year anniversary. Wow doesn’t seem that long. Glad we made it! I also share how surprised I am at this LA Colors Holo Glitter I found at Dollar Tree. It’s actually a Holo that isn’t an indie! Indies has me spoiled when it comes to a good holographic polish. Usually when I come across a mainstream polish that says Holo it’s nowhere near it. It doesn’t say holo on the LAcolors but once I put it on its Beautiful! It’s called ICICLES so keep an eye out for it,it’s a must have for just 1 Buck!

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New Polish At Dollar Tree By Sassy+Chic & Mini Haul

Its new to me anyway. They had a total of 3 colors. I picked up 2. I notice alot of the Nail Products they have there are made by that Brand Sassy+Chic. They have a polish pen I’m not a big fan so I hope this is better. I’m really curious to see how if it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down so I’ll be testing it out soon.

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