New Polish At Dollar Tree By Sassy+Chic & Mini Haul

Its new to me anyway. They had a total of 3 colors. I picked up 2. I notice alot of the Nail Products they have there are made by that Brand Sassy+Chic. They have a polish pen I’m not a big fan so I hope this is better. I’m really curious to see how if it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down so I’ll be testing it out soon.

Have you seen and or tried S+C? Let me know in the comments!

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Back At Dollar Tree

In this Vlog you’ll see me Go get my Eyebrows Done which was badly needed! Also made a stop at Dollar Tree. A few days ago I found OXY Acne Cream so I grabbed a couple more & a few other items I picked up. I’ll be doing a haul vid on them soon.

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My Favorite Cuticle Oil

Rebecca and Madisen Nail Care Products are my Fav! You can get Any of their nail care items for 10% off using the Discount Code in pic above at

I use their Cuticle Oils & Cuticle Butter everyday. They are made with natural products and sold on etsy. They smell so good & you can actually still smell the scent even minutes after applying it.

It really does help nails grow strong&keeps them Cutes looking good! I just have to get out the habit of using my nails like tools. I break them everytime they grow. I did a test where I used RandMnails For about 2-3 weeks straight. My Nails Grew from super nubs to having a lil bit of length to them. I was happy but I broke them all being too ruff with them. I’m so used to having on acrylic nails so when I wear my natural nails I have to remember they are not hard like my acrylic nails. Give them a try & let me know what you think. I have ever a few vids on my Youtube Channel using their products so check those out to.

Dotticure Mani Pics

Watch Me Work Here,

Polish Used: Sally Hansen ‘GAME OF CHROMES” & Smith&Cult ‘LOVERS CREEP’

The Tweexy Pink Polish Holder Ring. Find them on Amazon & Instagram @thetweexy

Dotting Tool by Salon Perfect

‘Honeysuckle’ Cuticle Butter By RandMnails Use Discount Code “LuvNicole” at on Etsy & Get 10% off any Purchase of $5 or More! Also like their page on Facebook at Rebecca&Madisen