Testing A Hatchimal Bath Bomb with a Surprise Inside

Vlog204 HATCHIMALS JUMBO BATH BOMB                                           SURPRISE 

This was a really cool bath bomb. My son loved it! Found it at walmart for $3 just before Xmas. I’m hoping they are still selling them I’d like to get 1 for myself! It smelled good:)

New Polish At Dollar Tree By Sassy+Chic & Mini Haul

Its new to me anyway. They had a total of 3 colors. I picked up 2. I notice alot of the Nail Products they have there are made by that Brand Sassy+Chic. They have a polish pen I’m not a big fan so I hope this is better. I’m really curious to see how if it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down so I’ll be testing it out soon.

Have you seen and or tried S+C? Let me know in the comments!

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Testing a Hatchimal Bath Bomb

I found these cool Hatchimal Bath Bombs at Walmart before Xmas. They were just $3 so I picked up 1 as a stocking stuffer for my 9yro son. We finally tested it out&i must say it was pretty cool! It’s Huge and came with a lil surprise charm inside. If I can find more i think I may get 1 for myself it smells really good & made the water a pretty blue color.

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