Turned an Essential Oil Case into a Polish Case!

So I ordered the case off Amazon but on sale to about 70% off the regular price. That’s really the only reason I ordered it because if it was $19 and the Polish didn’t fit,I would have been ticked!Lol I tested it out with a couple different shape bottles and they fit perfectly and close with no problem. I would order another 1 because it does make for great storage and traveling. I like to do friends&family nails so it’s perfect to throw a few colors and topcoats in and go. It even has a zipper compartment to put dotting tools,clean-up brushes etc. Check out the vid ,thumbs up & subscribe!



Dual ended Gradient Nail Art Sponge

I ordered From Aliexpress all under 5dollars. It took awhile to ship but its worth it to me. The Ombre/Gradient sponge came with 4 extra sponges&2 already on it. They are easy to take off & put back on. I like the crystals in it and the price was right!:) I also ordered 3 chokers under $1. Watch the vid to see more,follow& subscribe to my channel.



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New Polish!NUCOLOR Glitter

I went into Family Dollar for 1 thing which means I was so bummed when I came across the new NUCOLOR display. I only had enough money to grab what i needed. The display had new glitter polishes,nail art dotting tools,gel polish & mini gel lamps.I wanted it all! I do have a Vid of everything that was on the display and I will post that next. Luckily I had a enough cash left to grab 1 polish so I picked “FLORAL FUN”. It’s perfect for summer nail art. It has cute pink&blue lil flowers in it. I will definitely be going back to pick up the Gel products and test them out.

Boxes&Boxes Of Polish

I have no idea what to do with all of this. I recently moved and this is what all my Polish is currently stashed in. I need a new table and some drawers. Something spacious enough to fit all my goodies but also something that won’t take up alot of space. I’ve Been so behind on all my social media due to the move I’ve been m.i.a. I can’t wait to get every in order.

Sick On My Bday….

Life with NikkiNicole

This is an older Vlog but it was around my bday which was May20. I was sick and didn’t do anything but lay in bed allday. How fun right?ugh! I still havnt made up for it by going out to eat at least but it’s not late,I can talk the hubby into something still(may be even just shopping for a few polishes lol). For weeks before my bday I kept saying I don’t want to celebrate. I was so not feeling the age I was turning so I think I kinda jinxed myself….Lol. Well i Hope you enjoy my blog vlog:).

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My Nails Of The Day

Using L.A. COLORS “Crushed Diamonds” From the New Metal Collection & Color Craze “Icicles” Glitter Topper. It was a Really Pretty Combo. I didn’t too much like the Metal just alone,it had a streaky silky looking finish. Maybe It just didn’t look right on my very short nails,im used to having on my acrylic nails. A little bit Longer nails sometimes looks better with certain polish to me. I used 2-3 coats of each polish and topped with Probelle Topcoat &my fav quick dry Seche Vite. Instead of Cuticle Oil I used Rebecca&Madisen Miracle Oil which is a good all over oil. They have awesome cuticle butter & cuticle oil also(I just can’t find it due to I just moved but the Miracle Oil worked just as good:). You can get 10% off using my Discount Code “LUV NICOLE” at http://www.randmnails.com

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LA Colors Polish from Family Dollar $2each.

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