Georgie The Caterpillar

My 9 year old son found a cute fuzzy caterpillar outside on out porch. He named it George/Georgie. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yellow furry one like this before,it’s kinda cute. He stayed In thay box along time even after climbing out he got back in. After a few hours though he end up crawling down the chair and made his way back to freedom. Elijah,my son didn’t want to let Georgie go but I told him he would be much more comfortable outdoors and that we don’t want to kill him by keeping him in the house. Before it crawled away my son said I’ll miss you georgie but I understand you need to be free 🙂



I Used nail polish that’s 5 years old!

Yea I thought my nails were gonna fall off because it was so old Lol. The formula was actually still in good condition and looked Nice&Shiny when u was done. Now I have 2-3 boxes of old polish I have to go through to see what good and what has to be tossed.

Rimmel London Salon Pro “PURPLE RAIN

Covergirl XL Nail Gel “BUXOM BLUE”


Perfect Tool for DiY Pedicures!


I picked up a couple of these along with the Amope Nail Care Systems that I think i shared before. I just got around to using it and it works so good! I like doing my own Pedi’s so I’m always looking for tools that aren’t to harsh to file the top of nails with. This is really Perfect lol! It files good(I used it on speed2) and it gives a super nice shine with the #3 File. I also like that they already come with batteries installed. As with the nail system I don’t feel it’s worth the regular price of $20 but i’d pay 10 bucks for the Pedi kit. Luckily the Dollar Store has them and I was able to get back ups!

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Vlog -We finally have A/C!

Life without Air Conditioning Sucks!! I feel bad for people that doesn’t have it and lives where it gets really hot. Our C/A is broke in the house we just moved in so we have lots of fans. My Room is made like a loft and it gets super hot up here. It was so uncomfortably hot I wanted to throw on my bathing suit for PJ’s haha! With me being severly anemic the heat made me feel even more weak than i already was. So we found a window unit air conditioner and thank the Lord it feels so much better up there. The days we didn’t have air was like the hottest days in Michigan so far and it was terrible. The fans were just blowing hot air and was not helping at all. Luckily we have had a break with the heat wave we had and have had a good breeze coming throughout the living room and kitchen windows. Now we just need to get the central air fixed so the rest of the house can be cool. We have a basement and it’s usually pretty cool down there so that’s where the kids hang out the most.

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Amope Nail Care System

I found the AMOPE NAIL&PEDI kits at Dollar Tree. I was really excited about that because when they first came out they were about $20-$25. I didn’t want to pay that price and I had no clue how well it worked. I finally got around to testing out the Nail Care File set. I’ve had them over a month(I picked up a few of each,couldn’t help it at a 1each:). When I started to use it for the first time I didn’t like it. It didnt seem to be filing all that good. So After using it for a few minutes & remembering it has 2speeds I started to get the hang of it. I have super short nails and it may have worked better with a little more length but they still turned out pretty good.I like the shine step alot. After taping the vid I tested it out a little more. I’m still glad I didn’t pay regular price for them though because It didn’t work 20 bucks good lol. The Nail system also came with a Nail Care Oil and So far it works ok. It has a nice smell to it and it’s not greasy like. I did recently come across the refill files for them at Dollar Tree to so that was a plus.

Let me know if you have found them at any of your local Dollar Tree Stores & have tried them too!

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