Vlog-My 18yro Has a Car&We All Survived The Ride🚗

Vlog240| So my daughter is practicing driving her car. She is actually doing pretty good. She needs to get better at turning,stopping&parking. At least she hasn’t crashed yet lol. We went out for a quick drive around the neighborhood so she can get a lil practice in before she takes her driving test.

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Anniversary Fail

Vlog228 – This Vlog shares the day me & hubby went out for our 14th Wedding Anniversary. It was our 1st time out without the kids in sooooo long,I mean long! It was a total FAIL we need a do over in a bad way. The room we got I think was from the show American Horror Story!! I couldn’t even sleep. We booked a room online. The pictures that were online looked so nice,said they will breakfast in the morning etc.I was all excited to go. We get there & the room was an older version of the pics. This was a popular hotel and across from our main airport so I was surprised it was so terrible. We immediately tried to get our money and they said we couldnt. Now in the vid it may look decent but trust&believe it wasn’t Lol I just didn’t show it all. I took pics for complaints though and hope to get reimbursed or upgraded to a nicer hotel & room! 🙂

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Pinch Me Samples Unboxing

Looky What I Got in my PINCHME Box! I can’t wait to use the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish I hope it’s good because I want to purchase a full size. I also use Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner so I’m excited to try this new scent. The Scent it leaves in your hair after washing actually lasts & smells really good. I was hoping my son was going to like the RX Kids Protein Bar but you’ll see his reaction to that at the end of the vid lol

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New Polish At Dollar Tree By Sassy+Chic & Mini Haul

Its new to me anyway. They had a total of 3 colors. I picked up 2. I notice alot of the Nail Products they have there are made by that Brand Sassy+Chic. They have a polish pen I’m not a big fan so I hope this is better. I’m really curious to see how if it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down so I’ll be testing it out soon.

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Found Sequin Pillows&More Cute Stuff At Dollar General

First of all All Broadway Polish is 10% off! Not much but hey its a discount & you can buy a couple extra:) I was surprised to see all the new cute girly stuff they had in. The store I went is a new store and lately everytime i go in i find something I havnt seen in other stores. For Valentine’s Day they have the cutest sequin pillows for just $8. They also have girly kitchen decor & more. Watch the vid to see,be sure to Subscribe & Thumbs Up the Vid!Ty!!


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